nothing is sacred; methods for destruction 


the only way out is by walking up to a brick wall and smashing your f*cking face into it”- no one.

Invested in liberation through counter-intuitive practices, 'nothing is sacred: methods for destruction' is a live performance score which will go through cycles of a destructive experimental process over the duration of the exhibition.

Unlocking the gallery from its usual function, the work enters un-made and opens to the public as a work in progress. The gallery is now a studio space, and the public are invited to witness the writing, development, de-development/destruction, and “performance”.

NIS;M4D is a queer resistance to hetero/normative desires for knowing, progress and order (aka holding the world captive). It is an attempt to parallel queer a desire for becoming unlocatable through the “collapse [of] all reference and reconcilability”1.

Using theories around failure (J. Halberstam), glitch feminism (L. Russel) and black nihilism (C. Warren) to inform the process, NIS;M4D attempts to de-stabilise the viewer, finding ways to open spaces for momentary relief from this hetero/normative knowing- cracking open passageways into bewilderment as perhaps the first step to nowhere / other discarded and overlooked dimensions.

1. stolen from ‘Bewilderment’ by Fanny Howe

a mid shot of a white man standing facing the camera. He is topless and his face is bruised, tomato sauce drips from his nose. A brick wall is behind him as well as smoke.